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Server Update Notes

Update Logs : https://bakbakanran.com/?page=updatelog

CP2 Rules and Regulation
◼️ Guild alliances aren't allowed.
◼️ At least 4 Guilds with at least 12 active members each must participate in the war.
◼️ Once all 4 Guilds have their members ready, CP2 can start immediately.
◼️ During the Club War, Guilds with fewer than 7 members will lose 1 point.
◼️ Guild with No Authenticator During Clubwar willl lose 1 point.
◼️ Change School during Conquerors Path II will be disabled.
◼️ The Guild with the highest points will be the champion.
◼️ There will be total of 7000 PHP Cash/G-Cash worth of prizes
◼️ There will be total of 8000 PHP worth of donate items
These rules may be altered before or after the event starts to ensure fairness for everyone.

Streamer/Shaman Perks (Worth 1,300PHP)

  • Must stream atleast 2~3 Hours Daily ( 6days a week )
  • Must share it to bakbakan ran group
  • There can be only 1 streamer per guild.

Basic Game Guide

Max Level upon creation
Gold / Materials Farm Map : Meadow Map (2nd Market portal)
Last Weapon/Set Farm Map : RCB1 Dungeon or via NPC(Gold)
Clubwar Time : 8:00PM
Tyranny TIme : 3/6/9/12 AM and PM
Royal Rumble : 7:30PM
Daily Piso/Suryun Event

Server Information

??Max Level 260
??High Rate Drops
??Open All Skills
??7 Class (Extreme Reboot)
??Free Full Donate Max RV Items +11 with Costumes [7D]
??Hunt Based
??Craft Based
??Max Upgrade +15
??Latest Hunt Maps (Meadow & Lake Sonkran)
??Auto Pilot
??VIP System
??Auto Reward Kill Rankings
??Guild vs Guild System
??Balanced PVP
??Tyranny Every 3 Hours 3/6/9/12 AM & PM
??ClubWar 8:00 PM
??Ingame Registration
??Ingame Rankings
??Ingame ItemShop
?? [PVE] Forbidden Tower = DROP +15 Items
?? [PVE] Outwer Wall = DROP +15 Items

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